Saturday, 23 July 2011

I have got my hair cut

Hi peeps, nice to see you again. Sorry I haven't posted in ages but I'm back in business.

My Mum took me out to have my hair cut on Wednesday because I suddenly thought my hair didn't  suit me. Since it was after school and thursday was the last day I wanted it done ready for the final day. So me and me Mum went out of Grange Park to the normal hairdressers but it was shut so we searched around Brough and Eleton and at last found one.

I got my hair washed, cut into a bob, layered and had a side fringe put in. Now my Mum said that I looked more grown up.

Sos couldn't get a picture but if you look at my account setting picture then that is kind of what I look like. Bye the way is not a very good picture.
 Emmy X 

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